Gender Inequality and the UN
Gender inequality affects all of us. This campaign concept for UN Women seeks to work towards equality by educating people about the subtle but deeply ingrained sexist behaviors that are prevalent in American culture. Our goal is to encourage people to think about their unconscious biases and engage in a national discussion about what sexism is and how to address it. In each design I’ve tried to raise controversial issues that will stir emotions in the viewer and spark conversation.
Words Matter
Labels limit potential. The words we use to describe our children will help shape who they become. Sexism is deeply ingrained in our culture and we all impress deeply rooted biases upon the children we love. The behavior patterns we teach them determine their self-esteem and influence how they treat the people around them.
Subtle Sexism
There is a lot of confusion and disagreement over what constitutes sexism. The goal with this campaign is to use common stereotypes that most people can relate to on an personal level. Whether they agree that the statements represent sexism, or vehemently disagree, they will have reason to head over to to voice their opinion.
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